ICB Islamic Bank Branches In Feni District

ICB Islamic Bank is an Islami based public limited bank that operates all the banking products with financial and business activities, transactions, and other products. It plays a significant role in the country. The bank has many branches in all parts of Bangladesh. I will share with you the branch’s information of the bank situated in the Feni district. Are you interested in it? Then follow the article.

ICB Islamic Bank Branches In Feni District

Feni is a super commercial district in Bangladesh situated in the Chittagong division. ICB Islami Bank untied only one branch in the Feni district. The name of the branch is the Feni Branch. I have collected the branch’s detailed information and presented it below. To collect the information, please read the following text.

Feni Branch

  • Branch Name: Feni Branch
  • Address: 83/1 Panchgachia Road, Feni
  • Telephone: 01811408272, 0331 74065
  • Branch Code: 052
  • Routing Number: 230300525
  • District: Fen

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