ICB Islamic Bank Branches In Chittagong District

ICB Islamic Bank is a private sector financial services bank in Bangladesh, headquarters in Dhaka. The bank was established in 1987. In the Bangladesh economy, the bank contributes a significant role. The bank has many branches all over Bangladesh, which is situated in the super urban areas. The bank untied some branches in also the Chittagong district. Now I am going to provide here these branches’ information.

ICB Islamic Bank Branches In Chittagong District

Chittagong is known as the second capital city of Bangladesh. It is a leading commercial city. In the Chittagong district, ICB Islamic Bank opened almost 4 branches, namely, Agrabad Branch, Jubilee Road Branch, Khatunganj Branch, and Muradpur Branch. All the branches’ detailed information is given below. To get the information, please read the following article.

Agrabad Branch

  • Branch Name: Agrabad Branch
  • Address: Basher Square, 108 Agrabad C/A, Chittagong
  • Telephone: 01819343494, 031 710511, 715967
  • Branch Code: 013
  • Routing Number: 230150133
  • District: Chittagong

Jubilee Road Branch

  • Branch Name: Jubilee Road Branch
  • Address: 829 Jubilee Road, Chittagong
  • Telephone: 01811408270, 031 615499
  • Branch Code: 364
  • Routing Number: 230153648
  • District: Chittagong

Khatunganj Branch

  • Branch Name: Khatunganj Branch
  • Address: Chowdhury Market, 276 Khatunganj, Chittagong
  • Telephone: 01811408269, 031 637227
  • Branch Code: 427
  • Routing Number: 230154276
  • District: Chittagong

Muradpur Branch

  • Branch Name: Muradpur Branch
  • Address: Rajamina Market, 93 Muradpur CDA Avenue, Chittagong
  • Telephone: 01811408271, 031 652071
  • Branch Code: 535
  • Routing Number: 230155354
  • District: Chittagong

After giving all the branches’ total information of ICB Islamic Bank in the Chittagong district, I am going to finish the article now. I hope that you read the article from beginning to end and could able to collect the quested information which you wanted. Besides, if you want to know more information about the topic, please leave a comment. Thank you.