Bangladesh Development Bank Branches In Noakhali District

Bangladesh Development Bank, which is a state-owned casual commercial banking system in Bangladesh. The bank plays a significant role in the growth and development of the country. For operates its activities, the bank opened a lot of branches all over Bangladesh. I will share with you such a thesis where will you get all the branches’ total information of the bank in the part of the Noakhali district. If you want to get the information, then follow the text advertently.

Bangladesh Development Bank Branches In Noakhali District

Noakhali is a part of the Chittagong division. It is a financial district in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Development Bank opened only one branch in the Noakhali district which is not enough for the district. The name of the branch is the Noakhali branch. I have given already the branch’s manifest information below. To collect the information, please following the article.

Noakhali Branch

  • Branch Name: Noakhali Branch
  • Address: 460 Dakhin Bazar, Chowmuhani, Noakhali
  • Telephone: 0321 52306
  • Branch Code: 172
  • Routing Number: 047751725
  • District: Noakhali

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