Prime Bank Branches In Gazipur District

The main object of the Prime bank is to work for the interest of the country and to gain highest goal of the bank. So the bank has now set up many branches in the whole country and spreading its services to all classes of people. Prime bank has many branches in 44 different districts in Bangladesh. Often we need to communicate with them and it is not possible to remember the information about all the branches. So have to suffer a lot. This is why I have gathered here all the branches’ information of Prime bank.

Prime Bank Branches In Gazipur District

Prima bank is a top-rated and second-generation bank that has a total of 146 branches in Bangladesh. Among them, there are only three branches named Joydebpur Branch, Kaliakair Branch, and Tongi Branch. Often we need to contact the branches in Gazipur but we remain unable for the lack of proper information. So here I have gathered all the information like the address, contact no, swift code, and so on information about the branch below.

Joydebpur Branch

  • Branch Name: Joydebpur Branch
  • Address: Shapla Mansion, Joydebpur Chowrasta, Chandana, Dhaka-Tangail Road, Gazipur
  • Telephone: 02 9264135, 9264103
  • Fax: 02 9264097
  • Branch Code: 073
  • Routing Number: 170330734
  • District: Gazipur

Kaliakair Branch

  • Branch Name: Kaliakair Branch
  • Address: Ahmed Ali Plaza, College Road, Kaliakair, Gazipur
  • Telephone: 06822 51620, 51622
  • Fax: 06822 51621
  • District: Gazipur

Tongi Branch

  • Branch Name: Tongi Branch
  • Address: Sena Kalyan Commercial Complex, Plot No. 9, Block F, Tongi, Gazipur
  • Telephone: 02 9813811, 9813874
  • Fax: 02 9813835
  • Branch Code: 163
  • Routing Number: 170331638
  • District: Gazipur

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