AB Bank Branch Feni Districts

AB Bank is one of the specialized commercial banks in Bangladesh which was established in 1981. It is the first joint venture private Bank in Bangladesh. The bank has a great contribution to the Bangladesh economy. The bank has many branches all over Bangladesh. Today I will present here only those branches situated in the Feni district. Please continue reading the following article to get the information if you want.

AB Bank Branch Feni Districts

Feni district is a super financial area in Bangladesh which is situated in the Chittagong division. AB Bank untied only one branch in the Feni district which is not enough for the district. However, the name of the branch is the Feni Branch. To get the branch’s detailed information, please continue reading the following article.

Feni Branch

  • Branch Name: Feni Branch
  • Address: Haque Plaza, 193 SSK Road, Feni
  • Telephone: 0331 63098-99, 011 90002030, 018 13214775
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Mnemonic: FENI
  • Branch Code: 4137
  • Routing Number: 020300522
  • District: Feni
  • Date of Opening: 26 June 2007

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