United Commercial Bank Limited Information (UCBL)

United Commercial Bank Limited Information (UCBL)

United Commercial Bank Limited (UCB) is one of the largest first-generation private commercial banks in the private commercial banking sector of Bangladesh. UCB committed to developing the social and economical development of Bangladesh. For those circumstances, the authority of UCB is working hard and giving so many facilities and convenient for their customers. United Commercial Bank is becoming more popular with the users for their economical role, development of trading, and steps they are taking with the government for developing Bangladesh.

History Of United Commercial Bank Limited

UCB – United Commercial Bank Limited started its journey and incorporated with the registered name United Commercial Bank Limited on 26 June 1983. The government of Bangladesh owns shares in this bank later. UCB has a large number of branches, ATM booths, and an amazing customer service record. With personalized service, innovative steps, dynamic approach, and efficient Management and their effective role, they have made their position in the realm of the private banking sector.

Registered Name: United Commercial Bank Limited
Founded: 1983
Type: Private Bank (Commercial)
Country: Bangladesh
Code: 245
Stock Code: UCBL – DSE CSE


United Commercial Bank Limited is well-known for its best customer service. You can contact them easily through the phone number or you can fax them. Maybe the best way is to mail them. Visit their official website for the details of everything.

Phone: +88-02-55668070, +88-09610999999
Fax: +88-02-55668070-6000, +88-09610999911-5200
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.ucb.com.bd

Head Office

United Commerical Bank Ltd has its head office in Gulshan, Dhaka. You can contact their branches or if you need, you can go to their head office. Here is the address:

Bulus Center, Plot – CWS- (A)-1, Road No – 34, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212

Account Opening Details

For opening an account on the United Commercial Bank, you just need some identification document. Here is the list of those which you will need while opening your account.

  1. National ID Card/Birth Certificate
  2. Current valid Passport
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Diving Licence
  5. Utility Bill Paper

Accounts Type In UCB

UCB provides some retail banking account like Saving Account, Current Account, Special Notice Deposit.

Retail Banking Account

Retail banking is mainly known as consumer banking. A retail Banking account is a kind of service for the general public, rather than to companies or other banks. The main focus of retail banking is customers. Here is the list of some retail banking account of UCB.

  • Savings Account
  • Current Account
  • Dynamic Benefits Savings
  • UCB NRB Savings
  • UCB Women’s Savings
  • UCB Youngsters Savings
  • Special Notice Deposits

NRB Banking Account

NRB is a Non-Residential Banking account. An account holder of NRB banking must have to be 18+ and Non-Residential Bangladeshi. For opening account, must have a 25,000 TK balance.

  • UCB NRB Savings

SME Account

SME account is Small and Medium Enterprises account. UCB has Sonirvor and Sabolombi SME account service.

  • Sonirvor Current Account
  • Sabolombi Easy Account

United Commercial Bank Loans

Giving loans and getting interest is the main theme of any commercial bank. UCB approves some loans for the help of the people. UCB has retail banking loans, small and medium enterprise loans. Personal, auto, and home loan is the part of retail banking loan and SME loan have some UCB Shopno, Dhrubo, Onkur, Durjoy, Joyoti, Dipti Loan.

Retail Banking Loan Products

  • Personal Loan
  • Auto Loan
  • Home Loan

SME Loan Products

  • UCB SME Installment Loan (USIL)
  • UCB Shopno
  • UCB Dhrubo
  • UCB Onkur
  • UCB Durjoy
  • UCB Jyoti
  • UCB Dipti

Corporate Banking Finance

Corporate banking is the kind of banking that deals with corporate customers. It is also known as Business Banking. The corporate Banking Finance sector of UCB deals with small to medium-sized businesses. There is a list of corporate banking finance of UCB in the following.

  • Export And Import Finance
  • House Building Finance
  • Industrial Loan
  • Letter of Credit
  • Project Finance
  • Syndicated/Structured Finance
  • Working Capital Finance
  • Equity Finance
  • Hire Purchase
  • Lease Finance
  • Transport Loan
  • Work Order Finance
  • Developer Finance
  • Off-Shore Banking
  • Purchase of Bills
  • Guarantee

Loan Interest Rate

Like every commercial bank, United Commercial Bank provides loans to its customers, and obviously they take back that money with some interest. Their interest rate varies from 7% to 9% based on different types of loans.

UCB Bank Deposits

UCB bank provides lucrative Fixed Deposit schemes. Customers have some scope for Investing money to UCB term deposit schemes for getting a scope of highest returns. In the below, I added the deposit scheme list.

Deposit Schemes

  • Mudaraba Monthly Profit Scheme
  • Mudaraba Double Benefit Deposit Scheme (Somriddhi)
  • Mudaraba Millionaire Saving Scheme (Lackpoti)
  • Mudaraba Crorepoty Saving Scheme
  • Mudaraba Monthly Saving Scheme (Prerona)
  • Mudaraba Pension Saving Scheme (Obolombon)
  • Mudaraba Marriage Saving Scheme (Sohozatri)
  • Mudaraba Hajj Saving Scheme
  • Mudaraba Muhor Saving Scheme (Denmohor)
  • Mudaraba Barakah Deposit Scheme

UCB Bank FDR Rate

After investing your money to the UCB bank, you must have the question f their FDR rate. The FDR interest rate of your deposited money at UCB is varied from 4% to 9.15%.

Other Service

United Commercial Bank Limited provides some extra facilities like other commercial banks. They have foreign remittance service, utility bill payment service, ATM banking, and more.

  • Foreign Remittance Service
  • Utility Bill Payment Service
  • Locker Service
  • ATM Banking Service
  • SMS Banking Service
  • e-GP Service
  • SWIFT Service
  • Foreign Exchange Service

UCB Bank Customer Care (Call Center)

Contact UCB bank customer care center through the contact number given below.

UCB Bank Branch

Based on their official website, they have 188 branches in 42 districts over Bangladesh for the convenience of their customers. All the branches are open for their customer’s help. You can go to a branch at any time of a working day for your problems. As I said before, UCB is well-known for better customer service.

UCB Bank Branch


UBC- United Commercial Bank Ltd has its ATM booths in almost every district. That is a huge list. I added all the ATM booths location, address in the other article. Visit by following this link given below for UCB bank’s ATM booths details.


UCB Bank Routing

A nine-digit identification number is familiar as a bank branch routing number for any bank. First, the three-digit of nine-digit is bank code, the second two-digit is branch district code, then three-digit is branch code, and one check digit use as the last digit. UCB bank’s code is 245. If we think about the Bandarban branch, the branch routing number would be 245030130. Click the link below, you will get a full list of United Commercial Bank’s routing number list.

UCB Bank Routing


UCB Bank head office SWIFT Code is UCBLBDDH. First fours letter is bank code, UCBL. BD is the country code and lastly, DH is the city code. If you want another branch SWIFT code, follow that theory.


UCB Bank Currency Rate

If you want to know about the currency exchange rate of United Commercial Bank Limited, follow the currency exchange table below.

USD 83.9500 84.9500
GBP 108.9923 113.7311
EURO 98.5741 103.1888

United Commercial Bank has its stock exchange in the Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange. They doing their job very well for their customers. If you have anything else to know, you can contact any branch or contact their customer counter through the contact number given in this article above.