The Premier Bank Limited

The Premier Bank Limited is fused in Bangladesh as a financial organization on June 10, 1999. We need to make everyday banking simpler than at any time in recent memory through the best-in-class offices. The Premier Bank will make a friendly air for their clients to feel free and chill out with banking.

The Premier Bank Limited Information

The Premier Bank isolate their customer’s ages into the least potential people to bestow the best consideration, and they customized their administrations to address extraordinary issues. The Bank has an unmistakable vision towards its definitive predetermination – to be the best among the top monetary foundations.

Registered Name: The Premier Bank Limited
Founded: 1999
Type: Private Bank (Commercial)
Country: Bangladesh
Code: 235


Here is the contact info to connect with Premier Bank. here we provide phone, fax, e-mail, a website to stay with The Premier Bank.

Phone: 16411(Mobile) or 09612016411(Overseas & Land Phone)
Fax: 880-2-9820808 ; 880-2-9820849
E-mail: [email protected]

Head Office

Here is the head office of The Premier Bank. The Premier Bank’s head office located in the capital city of Bangladesh.

IQBAL CENTRE,42 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka-1213

Account Opening Details

The Premier Bank needs to verify you are a genuine guy or fake, that’s why The Premier Bank needs NID, Passport, Birth Certificate, Driving License, Utility Bill to prove yourself.

  1. National ID Card/Birth Certificate
  2. Current valid Passport
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Diving Licence
  5. Utility Bill Paper

Account Types

The Premier Bank offers lots of accounts, They think about Middle class to rich customers what they target and what offers they want to provide, to know what type of account The Premier Bank provides check below to get more info.

  • Current Account
  • Savings Account
  • Premier Esteem Savers Account
  • Premier Excel Savers Account
  • Foreign Currency (FC) Account
  • Non-Resident Foreign Currency Deposit Account (NFCD)
  • Resident Foreign Currency Deposit Account (RFCD)
  • Premier Payroll Account
  • Premier Genius Account

Islamic Banking Accounts

  • Al-Wadiah Current Account
  • Mudaraba Savings Account
  • Mudaraba Genius Account
  • Mudaraba Premier 50+ Account
  • Mudaraba Excel Savers Account
  • Mudaraba Esteem Savers Account

Premier Bank Loans

Premier Bank has lots of loan products, They provide a home loan, auto loan, personal loan, etc. And also Premier Bank offers SME loan Products, Corporate Loan Products, Islamic Investment Products to give customers satisfaction. To get more information check below.

Loan Products

  • Home Loan
  • Auto loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Home Loan for Freedom Fighter

SME Loan Products

  • Medium & Long Term Loan
  • Trade Finance
  • Working Capital Finance
  • Woman Entrepreneurship Loan
  • Micro & Agriculture Finance

Corporate Loan Products

  • Short Term Finance
  • Long Term Finance
  • Foreign Trade Finance
  • Work Order/Construction Finance
  • Term Loan/Project loan
  • Working Capital Loan

Islamic Investment Products

  • Bai’Al-Murabaha
  • Bai’ Al-Muajjal
  • Bai’ Salam
  • Hire Purchase under Shirkatul Mielk (HPSM)
  • Trade Finance
  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Letter of Credit/ Back to Back Letter of Credit

Premier Bank Deposits

Premier Bank has many types of deposit products like Fixed deposits, Monthly Savings, Monthly income, Duble benefits, etc. Premier Bank has some best deposit systems, To get more specific details to check below.

Deposit Products

  • Fixed Deposit
  • Monthly Savings Scheme
  • Monthly Income Scheme
  • Double Benefit Scheme
  • Shwapno (One Year Monthly Deposit Scheme)
  • Registered Retirement Deposit Plan
  • Education Savings Scheme
  • Mahar Savings Scheme

Premier Bank FDR Rate

Premier Bank offers the best FDR rate FDR means FIxied Deposit Rate.
Premier Bank interest rate is 2.50 % to 10.00 %

Other Service

Premier Bank has a lot of other services like online banking, Elite Banking, School Banking, Agent Banking, Remittance service, Locker Service, ATM service, etc. To get more information check below.

  • Elite Banking Service
  • School Banking Service
  • Agent Banking Service
  • Remittance Service
  • Locker Service
  • ATM Service
  • Syndications and structured Finance
  • Cash Management Solutions
  • Payment Service
  • Cash Pickup & Cash Delivery Service
  • Utility Bill Collection Service
  • Collection Booth Services
  • IPO Management
  • Hajj & HAAB Services
  • Electronic Government Procurement (eGP) Payment Service
  • Credit Card Service
  1. Dual Currency Card
  2. Platinum Card
  3. Gold Card
  4. International Credit Card
  5. Classic Card
  • Debit Card Service
  • Prepaid Card Service
  1. Prepaid Hajj Card
  2. Prepaid Travel Card

Premier Bank Customer Care (Call Center)

  • Call at Hotline: 16411 (locally) or 09612016411 (from overseas)
  • Contact at [email protected] or visit any nearest Branch.

Premier Bank Branch

Premier Bank Ltd. has 5 (five) branch workplaces and an all-encompassing Head Office situated at the ideal places of the super urban areas, similar to Dhaka and Chittagong, subtleties of which are as per the following.
To Get all Branches Location CLICK HERE

Premier Bank ATM

There are all out 18 ATM stalls of The Premier Bank Limited arranged in 9 areas in Bangladesh. You may peruse the ATMs by areas or pick your close-by stall legitimately from the rundown beneath. The following table of all Premier Bank ATM corners will assist you with having a specific stall address with the area, zone, and local. Clicking any local names will give you another rundown of atm stalls in that specific area, etc any corner names will give you stall data legitimately.

To get all ATM booth location CLICK HERE

Premier Bank Routing

The bank Routing number is a nine-digit distinguishing proof number relegated to money-related foundations and this number recognizes the particular budgetary establishment whereupon an installment is drawn. This extremely uncommon remarkable code is produced with the mix of 3 digits bank code, 2 digits area code, 3 digits branch code, and finally 1 check digit. This number is likewise imprinted on the base left of your bank check pages.

Get more information CLICK HERE

Premier Bank Swift Code

Premier Bank SWIFT Code is PRMRBDDH. The initial fours letter is bank code, PRMR  is bank code and BD is the country code and ultimately, DH is the city code. On the off chance that you need another branch SWIFT code, follow that hypothesis.

Premier Bank SWIFT Code is PRMRBDDH

Premier Bank Currency Rate

You found here Premier Bank Currency Exchange Rate

USD 85.75 87.25
GBP 105.21 110.26
EURO 97.86 100.36

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