The City Bank Limited Information

The City Bank Limited Information

In the Bangladeshi Private Commercial banking sector, The City Bank Limited is the oldest one. The City Bank is one of the top 5 private banks in Bangladesh. The CEO of the city bank is “Mashrur Arefin”. City Bank is getting popular gradually day by day but even though it is a private bank, the name of this bank is going well periodically. I’m going to describe the details of The City Bank limited BD here. City bank is one of the fastest-growing and also grow up banks in the private commercial banking sector. 

The City Bank Limited Information

City Bank started its banking service on 28 March 1983 by opening its first branch at B.B avenue in the capital of Bangladesh. The City Bank was opened by 12 brave young businessmen guy, they showed their courage to prove their self that eagerness and passion can be a part of success. City Bank is into the very few native banks which don’t follow the traditional, decentralized, geographically managed, branch-based business or profit ideal. This bank has a total of 112 branches including some online branches expansion across the length and extent of the country. Besides this traditional delivery spot. This bank is also well known for their punctual alternative delivery bounds. It at present has 112 ATMs of its own and ATM sharing provision with partner banks that has more than 550 inbounds.

Registered Name: The City Bank Limited
Founded: 1983
Type: Private Bank (Commercial)
Country: Bangladesh
Code: 225

Contact With The City Bank Limited

To contact The City Bank Ltd, you can send an email or could visit City Bank’s official website or call their contact number. City Bank support teams are likely to connect with people.

 02 58813483, 58814375, 58813126
Fax: 02 9884446
E-mail: [email protected]

City Bank Head Office

The City Bank’s head office is located in the Capital of Bangladesh. 136, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212 is their permanent head office location.

Account Opening Details

To open a city bank account they have some requirements to prove yourself. Some required identification papers are needed to open an account. The details of those papers are given below. City Bank needs to verify your address and also they want to know your national identity. That’s why you may have to submit your NID, Passport, Birth certificate, driving license, or maybe your utility bill. 

  1. National ID Card/Birth Certificate
  2. Current valid Passport
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Diving License
  5. Utility Bill Paper

City Bank Account Type

City Bank Ltd. provides lots of accounts, they are trying to fulfill their customer satisfaction. City Bank targeting all types of customers from small to large business owners, students, entrepreneurs. The type of accounts they provide is given below.

  • Current Account
  • General Savings Account
  • Savings Delight Account
  • High-Value Savings Account
  • New Born’s Savings Account
  • Seniors’ Savings Account
  • Student Savings Account (School Plan)
  • Student Savings Account (College Plan)
  • RMG Workers’ Accounts
  • Basic Savings Accounts
  • NFCD Accounts
  • RFCD Account
  • FCY Accounts

City Bank Limited Loans

City Bank provides 4 types of loans system that will help you to reach your goal and mindset to grow your business or your primary needs. The city bank loan method will give you more comfort and easier to access. City Bank will give you the opportunity to pay back the loan in the fixed monthly payments.

  • Auto Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Home Loan
  • City Bike Loan

SME Loan Products

SME loans provide small and medium-sized enterprises. And describe the main act of the common business finance market.

  • BDT 3,00,000 to 25,00,000 for Unsecured loans
  • BDT 10,00,000 to 100,00,000 for Secured loans

Manarah IB Loan Products

Manarah Personal Finance is an unsafe and terminating financing benefit under the Murabaha Principle for any Shariah gracious motive. Under this facility, merchandise is sold for a delayed price which is encircled an accordant gain added to the cost.

  • Manarah Personal Finance
  • Manarah Auto Finance
  • Manarah Home Finance

City Alo Loan Products

City Alo SME provides you small offers elasticity and advantage to women entrepreneurs to help you to grow your plan or business platform.

  • City Alo Bike Loan
  • SME Loan for Women Entrepreneurs

Loan Interest Rate

City Bank Ltd. provide lots of loan facilities and they take a certain amount of percentage of this loan of 9% interest rate based on loan types.

City Bank Deposits

City Bank deposits system is clean and modesty for all customers who want to deposit their money in the city bank. They have lots of plans to apply and save your money. Deposit plans are down below.

  • Current
  • General Savings
  • Savings Delight
  • High-Value Savings
  • New Born’s Savings
  • Seniors’ Savings
  • Student Savings (School Plan)
  • Student Savings (College Plan)
  • RMG Workers Savings
  • Basic Savings
  • NFCD
  • RFCD
  • FCY

Deposit Products

  • Term Deposit
  • Goal-Based DPS
  • Insurance Backed DPS Account
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Monthly Interest Paying Fixed Deposit

Manarah Deposit Products

Manarah Term Deposit is guided under the morals of Mudaraba. It’s an Islamic financial partnership deal where one party gives capital and the other party provides labor. revenue growth from the venture is distributed between the parties with a preset gain sharing ratio.

  • Manarah Current Account
  • Manarah Savings Account
  • Manarah Term Deposit
  • Manarah Monthly Deposit Scheme
  • Manarah Monthly Benefit Scheme
  • Manarah Hajj Deposit Scheme

City Alo Deposit Products

City Aalo products customers will get free service insurance advantage and health card with discounts at clinics and hospitals in Bangladesh. For private, auto, two-wheeler, home, or SME loans, City Alo customers will pleasure contracted interest rates and lower processing fees.

  • City Alo Savings
  • Goal-Based DPS

City Bank FDR Rate

FDR: Fixed Deposit Rate, is an interest rate to collect the amount of providing interest money from an account holder’s deposited balance amount. The FDR interest of the City Bank Ltd BD varies from 3 % to 7.75%.

City Bank Limited Services

The City Bank Ltd provides some effective services including card services and some other services.

Card Sevices

City Bank has lots of card service. City Bank thinks about their customer and also customer satisfaction, that’s why they provide 15 plus card services. Check below to know what type of card city bank accept.

  1. American Express Platinum Credit Card
  2. American Express Gold Credit Card
  3. City Alo American Express Credit Card
  4. American Express Green Blue Credit Card
  5. Agora American Express Card
  6. University of Dhaka American Express Credit Card
  7. The Citymaxx American Express® Card
  8. The Biman Bangladesh American Express Credit
  9. Visa Platinum Card
  10. Visa Debit Card
  11. MasterCard Platinum International Debit Card
  12. Mastercard Regular BDT Debit Card – Local
  13. Mastercard Manarah Islamic Debit Card
  14. American Express Corporate Card
  15. City Hajj Prepaid Card

Other Service

Here are some services list of City Bank provides for its customers.

  • Wholesale Banking Services
  • Working Capital Finance Services
  • Trade Finance Services
  • Short/Mid-Term Finance Services
  • Project Finance Services
  • Islamic Finance Services
  • Structured Finance Services
  • Investment Banking Services
  • City Live Services
  • Agent Banking Services
  • ATM Services
  • Locker Service
  • E-commerce Service
  • Citytouch Services
  • Priority Banking Services
  • American Express Services
  • City Foreign Exchange Services
  • Foreign Remittance Services

City Bank Customer Care (Call Center)

  • Call at Hotline: 16234 (locally) or +88-02-8331040 (from overseas)
  • Contact at [email protected] or visit any nearest Branch.

City Bank Complaint Cell

City Bank Branch

City Bank has a total of 112 several branches located in 38 districts in Bangladesh. We all know the concept of a branch that a branch deals with almost all basic functions of any bank. From the customer’s point of view, a branch is the sales and service channel of a bank. For all those circumstances, City Bank Ltd gradually opened its 100+ branches for customers’ conveniences.

City Bank Branch

City Bank ATM Booths

City Bank has a total of 272 ATM boots in 39 different districts in Bangladesh. To know more about City Bank all ATM Booths location, address, contact details, and more, please visit the given link below.

City Bank ATM Booths

City Bank Branch Routing Number

City Bank has its 112 branches identification number. The branch identification number is called a routing number of a Bank. This number recognizes the tangible financial organization upon which a payment is straight. To know more about the routing number of City Bank, visit the link here:

City Bank Routing Number

City Bank Swift Code

City Bank SWIFT Code is CIBLBDDH. This SWIFT code is for international uses. But for sending money to some specific branch, you have to use a three-digit of branch code at the end of the SWIFT code.

City Bank Currency Rate

The currency rate of any bank is changeable. The City Bank branch currency rate can be change or up-down anytime. So don’t be hesitate. If you think something wrong, let us know. We are always here for your help.

USD 85.75 87.25
GBP 105.21 110.26
EURO 97.86 100.36

City Bank Limited has become the most popular commercial Bank in the private commercial banking sector in Bangladesh. They provide all banking services to all classes people for helping their business and personal daily financial needs.