Standard Bank Branches In Khulna District

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Standard Bank Branches In Khulna District

Standard Bank has many branches all over Bangladesh. There are only two branches of the bank in the Khulna district. The names of the branches are Khan Jahan Ali Branch and Khulna Branch. Please read the following text to get more information about the branches.

Khan Jahan Ali Branch

  • Branch Name: Khan Jahan Ali Branch
  • Address: Haji Hanif Complex, 12-13 Khan Jahan Ali Road, Khulna
  • Telephone: 017 11352757
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Branch Code: 092
  • Routing Number: 210470059
  • District: Khulna

Khulna Branch

  • Branch Name: Khulna Branch
  • Address: Chamber Building, 5 KDA Avenue, Khulna 9100
  • Telephone: 041 732633, 732655, 018 25922462
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Branch Code: 008
  • Routing Number: 210471540
  • District: Khulna

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