Social Islami Bank ATM Booths In Munshiganj District

Social Islami Bank is one of the Shari’ah based retail financial services banks in Bangladesh which was established in 1995. I am here with all the ATM Booths’ detailed information of the bank situated in the Munshiganj district. If you need the information, please continue reading the article.

Social Islami Bank ATM Booths In Munshiganj District

Munshiganj is a part of the Dhaka division. There has only two ATM Booths of Social Islami Bank. The names of the ATM Booths are Hamdard Nagar ATM Booth and Muktarpur ATM Booth. All the ATM Booths’ detailed information is given below. Please follow the text below to get the information.

Hamdard Nagar ATM Booth

  • Booth Name: Hamdard Nagar ATM Booth
  • Address: Hamdard City of Science, Education & Culture, Gazaria, Munshiganj
  • Booth Area: Gazaria
  • District: Munshiganj

Muktarpur ATM Booth

  • Booth Name: Muktarpur ATM Booth
  • Address: Premier Cement Factory, West Muktarpur, Munshiganj
  • Booth Area: Munshiganj Sadar
  • District: Munshiganj

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