Jamuna Bank Limited

Here I am going to introduce you to a well-reputed Bangladeshi bank name Jamuna Bank Limited. If you are interested to know more, keep your reading. Jamuna Bank Limited is a commercial bank in Bangladesh. This bank was registered under the companies act in 1994. This 3rd generation private commercial bank was founded on June 3, 2001. The headquarters of this bank located at Hadi Mansion, 2, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh. To know more information read the following article carefully.

Jamuna Bank Limited Information

Jamuna Bank Limited (JBL), one of the reputed private commercial banks in Bangladesh which was established in 2001 by a group of local entrepreneurs. The Bank started its operation from 3rd June 2001. The Bank provides all types of support to trade, commerce, industry, and the overall business of the country. All the activities of this bank being managed and operated by a group of highly educated and professional teams. Engr. Md. Atikur Rahman chairman and Mirza Ilias Uddin Ahmed are Managing Director (MD) of this bank. The bank has already built up a reputation as one of the quality service providers of the country. To know more keep reading.

Registered Name: Jamuna Bank Limited
Founded: 2001
Type: Private Bank (Commercial)
Country: Bangladesh
Code: 130


Jamuna Bank Limited is well-known for its best customer service. You can contact them easily through the following contact numbers. Visit their official website for the details of everything.

Telephone: +88 02 9570912, +88 02 9555141
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Website: jamunabankbd.com

Head Office

The head office of Jamuna Bank Limited is Hadi Mansion, 2, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh

Complaint Cell

You can contact them by the following contact numbers.

Address: Complaint Cell, Jamuna Bank Limited, Head Office, Hadi Mansion, 2, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.
Phone: 88 02 9570912 Ext. 666
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 88 02 7123287

Account Opening Details

For opening an account on the Jamuna Bank, you just need some identification document. Here is the list of those which you will need while opening your account.

Identification Document

  1. National ID Card
  2. Current valid Passport
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Diving Licence

Accounts Type Of JBL

  • Current Deposit (CD) Account
  • Short Notice Deposit (SND) Account
  • Savings Bank(SB) Account
  • Special Savings Bank Account
  • Resident Foreign Currency Deposit (RFCD) Accounts
  • NRB FC A/C

Jamuna Bank Loans

Giving loans and getting interested is the main theme of any commercial bank. Jamuna Bank approves some loans for the help of people such as Retail Banking, SME Banking, Loan Scheme for NRB.

Retail Banking

  • Auto Loan
  • Any Purpose Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Salary Loan
  • Doctors Loan
  • Education Loan
  • Overseas Job Loan

SME Banking

  • Jamuna Bank
  • Jamuna Chalantika
  • Jamuna Green
  • Jamuna Jantrik
  • Jamuna Nari Uddogh
  • Jamuna NGO Shohojogi
  • Jamuna Shachchondo
  • Jamuna Sommriddhi
  • Jamuna Swabolombi

Loan Scheme for NRB

  • NRB Agriculture
  • NRB Real Estate Financing
  • NRB Retail Loan

Loan Interest Rate

The interest rate of Jamuna Bank varies from 7.00% to 9.00%.

Jamuna Bank Deposits

Jamuna bank offers lots of deposits as the wish of the customer’s willing. We have arranged all the deposit products so that you can get any information easily. All the deposits are given below.


  • FDR for One month
  • FDR for Three months
  • FDR for Six months
  • FDR for Twelve months


  • Below 1 Crore
  • 1 Crore & above but less than 25 Crore
  • 25 Crore & above but less than 50 Crore
  • 50 Crore & above but less than 100 Crore
  • 100 Crore & above

SB Account

  • SB Rate


  • NFCD A/C – 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year
  • NRB Monthly FC Savings Scheme (FC-MSS) – 1,2,3 & 5 years
  • NRB FC Term Deposit – 6 months, 1,2 & 3 years
  • NRB Offshore FC Term Deposit A/C – 6 months, 1,2 & 3 years

Jamuna Bank FDR Rate

The interest rate is 4.00%-6.00%.

Foreign Exchange & Trade Finance

Offers for importers

Various supports that JBL offers for importers are as follows:

Import Support: JBL Corporate Banking extends all-out supports to Importers by allowing Irrevocable Letter of Credit both sight and deferred term basis advising and even confirming the same through its wider correspondent network.

Post Import Finance:

  • Loan against Trust Receipt popularly known as LTR is allowed as post-import working capital finance for a period of mainly 45 days to 90 days for trading and 90 days to 180 days for manufacturing houses. This is a preferred mode of finance since it is a short-term facility.
  • Time Loan is allowed in very special cases considering the creditworthiness, reputation, and/or security position of the customer for supporting a part of duty structure against high volume imported consignment.

Loan against Imported Merchandise known as LIM is offered for those business houses which cannot offer adequate/requisite collateral security. In that case, the bank allows LIM as post-import finance. Goods imported are stored in the godown under lock & key of the bank. Customers release goods through Delivery Order (DO) by making proportionate payments against goods.

Offers for Exporters

Various Supports that JBL Offers for Exporters are as follows:

  • Back-to-Back Letter of Credit facility is allowed against confirmed Master (Export Order) LC/Contract of well-reputed buyers for procuring various raw materials from both local and international markets.
  • Packing Credit popularly known as PC is allowed at a 7% interest rate for financing cutting and manufacturing expenses. PC is allowed at 10% to 20% of the export bill considering other financial obligations of the customer(s). However, it is allowed at the pre-shipment stage but when raw materials against respective export orders are available at the warehouse.
  • Overdraft popularly known as OD is allowed to Exporters for meeting any emergency working capital requirement.
  • Foreign Documentary Bill Purchase (FDBP) is allowed at the request of the exporter against complied export documents.
  • Local Documentary Bill Purchase (LDBP) is allowed as finance against Accepted deferred Export Bills of deemed Exporters. this is the most preferred mode of finance for JBL and JBL offers a concessional rate of interest in this finance.

JBL offers to Contractors/Suppliers

Various supports that JBL offers to Contractors/Suppliers are as follows:

  • Bid Bond is allowed for helping Contractors/Suppliers for participating in different Tenders.
    Overdraft (Pay Order) is allowed where Contractors/Suppliers are required to submit Pay Order in lieu of Bid Bond. JBL extends 90% finance in the form of Overdraft after depositing a 10% cash margin by the Contractors/Suppliers for issuance of the Pay Order.
  • Performance Guarantee (PG) is allowed for ensuring Contractors’ /Suppliers’ performance of the Contract.
  • Advance Payment Guarantee (APG) is allowed for helping Contractors’ /Suppliers’ receipt of advance against the work from the Employer/Work Order awarding Agency.
  • Overdraft (Work Order) is allowed as working capital for smooth execution of the work under a specific Work Order against the assignment of entire bills under the Work Order. Finance is allowed for any construction work up to 20-30% of Work Order value, which is disbursed in phases based on satisfactory progress of work and for any Supply Order up to 60-70% of Supply Order value.
  • Security Bond (Payment Guarantee) is allowed in favor of various utility providing authorities, customers, shipping agents, Airlines, AITA, or any other purpose as per requirement within the purview of regulatory rules & regulations.
  • JBL also provides Guarantee against Counter Guarantee of any good rated foreign bank.

Jamuna Bank Remittance Service

Direct account credit to Beneficiary’s Account maintained with Jamuna Bank Limited.
Same-day Credit to Beneficiary’s Account maintained with any other Banks Branches (9500 approx.) in Bangladesh on the same day through EFTN (Electronic Fund Transfer Network).
Cash payout over the counter of JBL Branches & Mobile Operator Cash Picks up Points through secret PIN number throughout the country.

  • Western Union Money Transfer
  • Money Gram Payment System
  • Xpress Money Services Ltd
  • Placid NK Corporation
  • Transfast Remittance LLC
  • Al Ansari Exchange
  • RIA Financial Services
  • Aftab Currency Exchange Ltd
  • Money Link U.K. Ltd
  • Al-Zaman Exchange
  • UAE Exchange Malaysia SDN. BHD
  • Rumana Money Services
  • ZENJ Exchange Co. (Turbo Cash)
  • Valutrans Spa Money Transfer
  • Al Bader Exchange
  • Progoti Exchange Company
  • Instant Cash FZE
  • Wall Street Exchange

List of Agent Banks
1. Southeast Bank Ltd.
2. SBAC Bank Ltd.
3. Union Bank Ltd.
4. Meghna Bank Ltd.
05. NRBC Bank Ltd.
06. Midland Bank Ltd.
07.Modhumoti Bank Ltd.

From anywhere in the world, remittance can be sent through the following account of Jamuna Bank Limited mentioning the Beneficiary Bank account details:

Standard Chartered Bank, New York, (USD A/C: 3582-069303-001) (Chips UID# 011-575), SWIFT: SCBLUS33

Other Service

Jamuna Bank Limited provides some extra facilities like other commercial banks. They have Locker Service, ATM Banking, Internet Banking, Cards, and so on.

  • Cards
  • Locker Service
  • ATM Banking
  • Internet Banking
  • SMS Banking
  • Online Banking
  • JustPay

Jamuna Bank Customer Care

  • Call at 9570912, 9555141 (Hotline)
  • Contact at [email protected] or visit any nearest Branch.

Jamuna Bank Branch

Jamuna Bank Limited is a commercial bank in Bangladesh registered under the Companies Act 1994. Jamuna Bank had 132 branches as of March 2019 situated in 41 districts in Bangladesh. To know more information about the branches of Jamuna Bank click here.

Jamuna Bank ATM

Jamuna Bank Limited is a commercial bank in Bangladesh. There is a total of 165 ATM booths of Jamuna Bank Limited situated in 33 districts in Bangladesh. We have collected all the ATM booths of Jamuna Bank. If you want to get all the Branch list click here.

Jamuna Bank Routing

The bank routing number is a nine-digit identification number assigned to financial institutions and this number identifies the specific financial institution upon which a payment is drawn. Jamuna Bank’s routing number is 130300520. The bank code is 130. This very special unique code is generated with the combination of 3 digits bank code, 2 digits district code, 3 digits branch code, and at last 1 check digit. To know more information click here

Jamuna Bank Swift Code

Jamuna Bank SWIFT Code is JAMUBDDH. The first 4 digits mean bank code, the next 2 digits mean country code, the next 2 digits mean allocation code, and the next 3 digits mean branch code. To know more information click here.

Jamuna Bank Currency Rate

You found here Jamuna Bank Currency Exchange Rate

USD 83.95 84.95
GBP 103.4264 108.4169
EURO 92.0260 96.9062

I have tried to share with you detailed information with you so that you can get any information about the bank. I hope you have already read the article from the top to bottom. All the information in the article is from a valid source. If you have any objection to the article please inform us by leaving a comment below. I will try to fix it as soon as possible. Stay connected with us to get more information on any bank. Thanks for visiting our website.