Jamuna Bank ATM Booths In Rangpur District

Jamuna Bank Limited, which is the 3rd generation public limited casual commercial bank in Bangladesh, established in 2001. The bank plays a monumental role in the development of the country. However, the bank has many branches and ATM Booths in all parts of Bangladesh. I will present here only that ATM Booth’s information situated in the Rangpur district. If you are interested in it, then follow the article.

Jamuna Bank ATM Booths In Rangpur District

Rangpur is a financial sector in Bangladesh. Jamuna Bank Limited franked only one ATM Booth. That is Rangpur Br ATM Booth. I have already given here the ATM Booth’s elaborate information below. Please continue reading to get the ATM Booth’s manifest information.

Rangpur Br ATM Booth

  • Booth Name: Rangpur Br ATM Booth
  • Address: Holding No. 75-76, Station Road, Kotwali, Rangpur
  • Booth Area: Rangpur Sadar
  • District: Rangpur

After analyzing the ATM Booth’s information of Jamuna Bank in the Rangpur district, I am going to finish the article now. In the article, I tried to add the correct and updated information. If you want to know more information related to the topic, then just leave a comment. Thank you.