Islami Bank ATM Booths In Moulvibazar District

Islami Bank is one of the largest financial services banks in Bangladesh. It was established in 1987, headquarters in Dhaka. For providing the best opportunity-advantage for the customers, the bank opened a total of 380 ATM Booths all over Bangladesh. Like every district, the bank franked some ATM Booths in also the Moulvibazar District. Now I am going to provide here all the ATM Booths’ detailed information with the article below.

Islami Bank ATM Booths In Moulvibazar District

Moulvibazar is a tourist and commercial place in Bangladesh situated in the Sylhet division. Islami Bank Limited opened a total of 5 ATM Booths in the Moulvibazar district. The ATM Booths’ names are Barlekha Br ATM Booth, Kulaura Br ATM Booth, Court Road ATM Booth, Moulvibazar ATM Booth, and Sreemangal ATM Booth. To get all the ATM Booth’s elaborate information, follow the article below.

Barlekha Br ATM Booth

  • Booth Name: Barlekha Br ATM Booth
  • Address: Haji Abdul Ali Trade Centre, Dakshin Hajiganj Bazar, Barlekha, Moulvibazar
  • Booth Area: Barlekha
  • District: Moulvibazar

Kulaura Br ATM Booth

  • Booth Name: Kulaura Br ATM Booth
  • Address: SA Shopping Center, Dakshin Bazar, Kulaura, Moulvibazar
  • Booth Area: Kulaura
  • District: Moulvibazar

Court Road ATM Booth

  • Booth Name: Court Road ATM Booth
  • Address: Ilias Shopping Center, 161 Court Road, Choumuhana, Moulvibazar
  • Booth Area: Moulvibazar Sadar
  • District: Moulvibazar

Moulvibazar Br ATM Booth

  • Booth Name: Moulvibazar Br ATM Booth
  • Address: SR Plaza, 1151/3 M Saifur Rahman Road, Moulvibazar 3200
  • Booth Area: Moulvibazar Sadar
  • District: Moulvibazar

Sreemangal ATM Booth

  • Booth Name: Sreemangal ATM Booth
  • Address: Opposite Atiq Market, Sreemangal, Moulvibazar
  • Booth Area: Sreemangal
  • District: Moulvibazar

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