ICB Islamic Bank Branches In Barisal District

Are you looking for ICB Islamic Bank Branches in the Barishal district? If you are looking for the topic, then the post is for you. ICB Islamic Bank is one of the Islami based casual commercial banks in Bangladesh, initiated in 1987, headquarters in Dhaka. With the article, I will give you the branch’s information of the bank situated in the Barishal district. Interest in it? Then let’s go to know about it.

ICB Islamic Bank Branches In Barisal District

Barishal is known as a super urban commercial center in Bangladesh. That is why ICB Islamic Bank opened a branch in also the Barishal district. The name of the branch is the Barishal Branch. Please read the following text to collect the branch’s address, contact number, and other information.

Barisal Branch

  • Branch Name: Barisal Branch
  • Address: 67/65 Katpatti Road, Barisal
  • Telephone: 01811408282, 0431 54141, 62474
  • Branch Code: 028
  • Routing Number: 230060281
  • District: Barisal

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