Habib Bank Limited

Habib Bank Limited is a public services banking system which is situated in Pakistan. The bank was founded in 1941 by Mohammad Ali Habib. The headquarters of the bank in Habib Bank Plaza, Karachi, Pakistan. The chairman of the bank is Sultan Ali Allana and Muhammad Aurangzeb is the president and CEO of the bank. Neelofar Hameed is the company secretary of the bank. To know elaborate information about the bank, please follow the article from beginning to end successively.

Habib Bank Limited Information

HBL was the first mercantile bank established in Pakistan in 1947. Over the years, the bank has turned its branch network and become the leading non-government bank with over 1,600 branches and 1,700 ATMs worldwide and a customer base of excessive 8 million relationships. The Government of Pakistan personalized the bank in 2004. The bank is multiplicity owned (51%) by the Aga Khan Fund for monetary improvement, 42.5% of the shareholding is reserved by the Government of Pakistan (GOP), in addition, 7.5% is owned by the general public. With an inclusive appearance in 29 countries, the bank is also the biggest domestic cosmopolitan organization. The Bank is spreading its availability in leading international markets including the UK, UAE, South and Central Asia, Africa, and the Far East.

Registered Name: Habib Bank Limited
Founded: 1947
Type: Private Bank (Commercial)
Country: Pakistani (Foreign Bank)
Code: 110
Stock Code: n/a


I have given all the contact numbers of the bank to contact at any time. There are given telephone number, fax, e-mail, and their website. Following the article, please.

Telephone: 0088 02 9883505, 0088 02 9888492, 0088 02 9884954
Fax: 0088 02 9883064
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Website: Globalhbl.com/Bangladesh

Head Office

There are given the information where is situated at the head office of HBL in the part of Bangladesh below.

9-B, Moyeen Centre, Road # 3, Gulshan -1, Dhaka -1212, Bangladesh.

Account Opening Details

If you are inclined to open an account of HBL, you must have some identification documents. The documents which need those are given below.

Identification Document

  1. National ID Card
  2. Current valid Passport
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Diving Licence

Account Types

  • Current Account
  • Savings Account
  • Short Notice Deposit Account (SND)
  • Foreign Currency Account (FCY)
  • Daily Progressive Account

HBL Loans

Habib Bank Limited is a leading commercial bank of Pakistan. Often, people want to know about the loans of the bank in many ways, but occasionally most of them are unable to know it. I have collected all the loan products of the bank which are presented below. To collect the information, follow this.

SME Banking

HBL Shakti

  • HBL Shakti Installment Loan
  • HBL Shakti Revolving Loan

HBL AgriBanking

Loan Interest Rate

The interest rate varies from 16 %

HBL Deposits

HBL operates its deposits through almost four schemes such as FDR, Bhaabnahin, HBL money club, and the last value account. To know more details, following the article.

  • Fixed Deposit receipts (FDR)
  • Bhabnahin
  • HBL Money Club
  • Value Account


The interest rate is 4.25%

HBL Remittance Service

HBL provides also Foreign Remittance services in many ways. Here are presented the foreign remittance of the bank. The type of remittance of the bank is HBL Fast Transfer.

Foreign Remittance

  • HBL Fast Transfer (Bangladesh)

Other Service

HBL is a multinational financial services banking system established to provide the best facilities for all types of banking services to elevate monetary growth for the country. There are presented all types of financial services of the bank. To know more, please read the following article.

  • Cards
  • Locker Service (55)
  • ATM Banking
  • Internet Banking
  • SMS Banking
  • Online Banking

HBL Customer Care

  • Call at 0088 01977742523 (Hotline)
  • Complaint at [email protected] or visit any nearest Branch.

HBL Branch

HBL is a Pakistani financial institution. Though it is a bank of Pakistan, it untied many branches in Bangladesh to provide their financial services in also Bangladesh. There are a total of 7 branches of the bank in different districts in Bangladesh. To know more details about the branches of the bank in the part of Bangladesh click here.


HBL is a leading commercial services bank in Pakistan. There are franked almost 7 ATM Booths of the bank in the major commercial areas in Bangladesh. If you need manifest information about the ATM Booths of the bank in the part of Bangladesh click here.

HBL Routing

A routing number is a security number that is arranged with different kinds of 9 digits. It plays an important role in the bank’s operation. There have some branch routing numbers of HBL in different districts in the Bangladeshi part. To know the routing number of the bank in the part of Bangladesh click here.

HBL Swift Code

SWIFT code is also a security number that is arranged with various kinds of 11 letters and may have three digits. The first eight characters of the code are known as the Bank Identifier Code. HBL SWIFT Code is HABBBDDH. To know more details click here.

HBL Currency Rate

You found here HBL Currency Exchange Rate

USD 159 160.50
GBP 197 198.95
EURO 171.50 173.20

I am going to ending the article now. I provided here all the elaborated information of Habib Bank Limited in the article. I hope that you followed the article carefully and collected the quested information which you needed. I tried to provide here all the correct information which is culled from a genuine source. If you found any mistake in the article, please inform me by comment instantly. Moreover, if you need any more information about the bank or other banks, please visit our other site or scribe a comment. Thank you for staying with me and visiting the site in a long run.