First Security Islami Bank Limited

First Security Islami Bank is a private (commercial ) Bank in Bangladesh that incorporated on 19 August 1999. It is a Shariah-based bank and following the Islamic rules and regulations. Presently Mohammed Saiful Alam is the chairman and Mohammed Abdul Maleque is the vice-chairman of this bank. This bank head office located in Dhaka. At present, the bank is operating its all activity by its 184 branches with 8 sub-branches. To get more information read the following information carefully.

First Security Islami Bank Information

First Security Islami Bank is one of the Islami Banks which is based on Islamic shariah. It is a fully Shariah based Bank and following the Islamic Rules and Regulation. After the establishment of this bank, it’s gradually proceeding to its goal. On 29 August 1999, this bank was incorporated as a commercial bank in Bangladesh. It started operations on 25 October 1999. From 2009, the bank started sharia banking. In 2014, Bangladesh Sports Press Association (BSPA) awarded the bank’s best sponsor

Registered Name: First Security Islami Bank Limited
Founded: 1999
Type: Private Bank (Commercial)
Country: Bangladesh
Code: 105


Telephone, fax, e-mail, and website are available here so that you can contact them easily with them.

Telephone: +88 02 55045700
Fax: +88 02 55045709
E-mail Address: [email protected]

Head Office

The head office of the bank is Rangs RD Center, Block: SE (F), Plot:03, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1, Dhaka:1212, Bangladesh

Zonal Offices

There are four zonal offices First Security Islamic Bank has in Chatogram, Sylhet, Khulna, and Rajshahi. Ther detailed information of the zones is given along with them.

Chittagong Zone

Address: Plot: 06 Block: K, Port Connecting Road, Halishahar Housing Estate, Halishahar, Chittagong
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: 031-2862167, 031-2862168

Sylhet Zone

Address: Salim Mansion (1st Floor), Mendibagh C/A, Biswa Road, Asian Highway, Sylhet
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: 0821-714299, 0821-715387

Khulna Zone

Address: 75, K.D.A Avenue, Khulna
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: 041-733734, 041-733735

Rajshahi Zone

Saheb Bazar Zero Point, Ghoramara, Boyalia, Rajshahi
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: 0721-772813, 0721-772814

Account Opening Details

Everyday many people are willing to open an account in the bank. Before opening an account in the bank you need some identification documents. We have collected all the documents that you need are given below.

Identification Document

  1. National ID Card
  2. Current valid Passport
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Diving Licence

Accounts Type Of First Security Islami Bank

  • Al Wadiah Account›  Current Deposit›  Shomman›  Morjada
  • Mudarabah Savings Account›  Savings Deposit›  Onkur›  Projonmo›  Prapti›  Probin›  Mehonoty›  SND
  • Mudarabah Term Account›  Mudarabah Term Deposit›  Mudarabah Monthly Profit Scheme›  FSIBL Murobbi›  Mahiyasi›  FSIBL Sanchay›  Double Benefit›  Triple Benefit›  Four Times Benefit›  Proyash
  • Mudarabah Scheme Account›  Alo›  Bondhon›  Niramoy›  Unnoti›  MMDS›  Ghoroni›  MMDS – Gold›  Swadesh›  Agroshor›  Haj›  Uddipon›  Musafir›  Aboshor
  • Foreign Account›  FC›  RFCD›  NFCD›  ERQ›  NITA›  Other

First Security Islami Bank Loans

Every day lots of people are opening accounts in First Security Islami Bank. At first, you have to gather some knowledge on these bank loans. Islami Security Bank offers many loans for the customers such as Bai-Murabaha Investment, Hire Purchase under Sirkatul Milk (HPSM) Investment, Other Investment, Quard, Letter of Guarantee, Specialized Schemes, etc.

Bai-Murabaha Investment

  • Bai-Murabaha (Hypo)
  • Bai-Murabaha (General)
  • Bai-Murabaha (Real Estate Material)
  • Bai-Murabaha (Pledge/TR/ Local Purchase)
  • Bai-Murabaha (Hypo) under SME
  • Bai-Murabaha (EMI) under SME
  • Bai-Murabaha (Agriculture)
  • Bai-Murabaha (Hypo) against MTDR and other Deposit Schemes

Hire Purchase under Sirkatul Milk (HPSM) Investment

  • HPSM (House Building-Residential)
  • HPSM (Real Estate/Commercial)
  • HPSM (Transport-Bus, Truck, Launch, Cargo vessel, etc.)
  • HPSM (Auto-Car, CNG Three-wheeler, Microbus, etc.)
  • HPSM (Machinery)
  • HPSM (Industry)
  • HPSM (Consumer Durables Scheme)
  • HPSM (Lease/ Ijara Investment)
  • HPSM-Car Lease (Staff)
  • HPSM (House Building-Staff)

Other Investment

  • Musharaka Investment
  • Mudaraba Investment
  • Bai-Muajjal Investment


  • Quard against MTDR
  • Quard-E-Hasana
  • Quard against Car (Staff)
  • Quard against Provident Fund (Staff)

Letter of Guarantee

  • Tender Guarantee
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Guarantee for Sub-Contracts
  • Shipping guarantee
  • Advance Payment guarantee
  • Guarantee in lieu of Security Deposits
  • Guarantee for exemption of Customs Duties
  • Others

Specialized Schemes

  • Consumer Investment Scheme
  • SME Investment Scheme
  • Women Entrepreneur Investment under SME Investment
  • Agriculture Investment Scheme

Loan Interest Rate

The interest rate varies from 15.00%

First Security Islami Bank Deposits

First Security Islamic Bank provides various deposits according to the customer’s willing. We have arranged here about all the deposits so that you can find it easily and choose one as your wish.

  • Alo
  • Bondhon
  • Niramoy
  • Unnoti
  • MMDS
  • Ghoroni
  • MMDS – Gold
  • Swadesh
  • Agroshor
  • Hajj
  • Uddipon
  • Musafir
  • Aboshor

First Security Islami Bank FDR Rate

The interest Fixed deposit rate (FDR) is 7.00%

Foreign Exchange & Trade Finance

Investment against Import

  • Bai-Murabaha-Import Bill (Cash LC-MIB)
  • Bai-Murabaha (MIB-EDF Fund)
  • Bai-Murabaha-Post Import (TR)
  • Bai-Murabaha-Post Import (Pledge)

Investment against Export

  • Bai- Istisna (Pre Shipment Investment)
  • Bai-Salam
  • Bai-Murabaha (Export)
  • Wajira Bill Okalah against Cash Incentive

Documentary Bill Purchase

  • Foreign Documentary Bills Purchased (FDBP)
  • Inland Documentary Bills Purchased (IDBP-FC)

First Security Islami Bank Remittance Service

Foreign Remittance

  • Al Muzaini Exchange Co.Via Western Union, Zenj Exchange, The MoneyGram brand, The Xpress Money, Placid Express, IME (International Money Express) Ltd., TRANSFAST, RIA, Aftab Currency Exchange Limited, BRAC Saajan Exchange Ltd, Wall Street Finance LLC, Prabhu Money Transfer P. Ltd.,

Other Service

Like other banks, First Security Islami Bank offers many other services besides the main services in order to provide the best services to the customers. The other services are given below.

  • Cards
  • Locker Service (55)
  • Taster
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • e-Government Procurement
  • FSIBL Cloud Banking
  • ATM Banking
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking – FSIBL Sure Cash
  • SMS Banking
  • Online Banking
  • Green Banking
  • Payment System
  • Merchant Banking

First Security Islami Bank Customer Care

First Security Islami Bank Branch

First Security Islami Bank is one of the Islami  Shariah based private ( commercial ) Bank. Presently, the bank is spreading its branches all over the country in order to provide the best services to their customers. So First Security Islami bank has a total of  184 Branches with 8 sub-branches in the country. To know more information click here.

First Security Islami Bank ATM

First Security Islami Bank is one of the private (commercial) Bank which started its all banking activities on 25 October 1999. At present, the bank has a total of 160 ATM Booths in the country in order to achieve its desired goal as well as provide the best facilities to the customers. To know more information click here.

First Security Islami Bank Routing

The Routing number is the combination of 9 digits that generates a unique code that represents a certain bank identification. First Security Islami bank’s code is  105. The first 3 digits of the Routing number mean bank code, the next 2 digits mean district code, the next 3 digits mean branch code, and one digit is for check code. To know more information click here.

First Security Islami Bank Swift Code

First Security Islami Bank SWIFT Code is FSEBBDDH. The bank swift code is the combination of 4 digits bank code, 2 digits country code, 2 digits location code, and 3 digits branch code. To know more information about all the swift code click here.

First Security Islami Bank Currency Rate

You found here First Security Islami Bank Currency Exchange Rate. Have a look at the below table.

USD 84.95 86.95
GBP 102.8779 103.7779
EURO 95.7885 96.6885


The main mission of the bank is to contribute to the Socio-economic development of the country. I have tried to add all the information about First Security Islami Bank in the article. I hope you read the whole article and get the information that you want. If you need more information about this article or any other bank please visit our other pages. All the information in the article from a legal source. I always try to make the article informative as well as updates. Stay connected with us to get more updated information. For remembering me, thank you.