Eastern Bank Branches In Barisal District

Eastern Bank is a Bangladeshi privately owned commercial Banking system in Bangladesh. The bank was founded in 1992. In all parts of Bangladesh, Eastern Bank has a total of 86 branches. Sometimes, people want to know detailed information about the branches of the bank. In the article, I will provide that branch’s information which is situated in the Barishal district.

Eastern Bank Branches In Barisal District

Barishal, which is known as the granary center of Bangladesh. There are untied only one branch of Eastern Bank Limited which is not enough for Barishal. However, the name of the branch is the Barishal branch. If you need the branch’s total information, then just follow the text below.

Barisal Branch

  • Branch Name : Barisal Branch
  • Address : Bishnu Priya Bhaban, Holding No 0451-000, Road 69, Sadar Road, Barisal
  • Telephone : 0431 61059, 2177643, 2177644
  • E-mail : [email protected]
  • Routing Number : 095060284
  • District : Barisal

I presented here the branch’s name, location, telephone, email, and other information and I hope that you got it. Are you interested in more details related to the topic? Then just leave a comment. For visiting the site, thank you.