Dutch Bangla Bank Limited All Information

Dutch Bangla Bank Limited All Information

Dutch Bangla Bank is becoming so much popular in the private banking sector in our country. Dutch Bangla Bank Limited is the first joint venture bank in Bangladesh. This bank is well-known as a private commercial bank. I am going to discuss the DBBL in this article. The main focus of the DBBL is high-growth manufacturing industries in Bangladesh and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). They are working so hard to full fill their desire.

Dutch Bangla Bank Information

M Sahabuddin Ahmed is the founder chairman and the Dutch company FMO of the Dutch Bangla Bank Limited. Sayed Ahmed is the chairman of the DBBL. This private commercial bank was founded in 1995. DBBL is considered one of the best social conscious banks and become one of the largest donors and the largest bank donor in Bangladesh.

Registered Name: Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited
Founded: 1995
Type: Private Bank (Commercial)
Country: Bangladesh
Code: 090

How To Open Dutch Bangla Bank Account

Dutch Bangla Bank provides different types of accounts. To open an account on Dutch Bangla Bank, you have to go to your nearest Dutch Bangla Bank office. You need to carry some documents with you. Like, your photo, National ID card, etc. Here is a list of the things you will possibly need to open an account on the Dutch Bangla Bank Limited.

Dutch Bangla Bank Limited Account information

Here is the account opening needed papers list.

  1. Photo Identification Document
  2. National ID Card
  3. Current valid Passport
  4. Birth Certificate

Local Currency Accounts

There are some different types of accounts in DBBL. They provide different accounts based on different people. There are saving and current account policies. These are for all kinds of people. Students can also open an account on the Dutch Bangla Bank. The student business account is for the students including Dutch Bangla bank student loan.

  • Savings Account
  • Current Account
  • Student Business Account

Dutch Bangla Bank Loans System

Lending or giving loans is the main sector of commercial banks. DBBL has also provided some loans system. They have Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) and Retail Banking loans system.

SME Loans

SME loan is a Small and Medium-sized enterprise loan. SME loan system is the basis of a private commercial bank. DBBL allowed some SME loans.

  • Len-Den
  • Somridhi
  • Janala
  • Utshab
  • Uthsaho
  • Shofolota
  • Prosher

Retail Banking Loans

Retail Banking actually means providing financial services to individual people as opposed to large institutions. DBBL has a retail banking loan system. Three different types of retail banking loans system are running under Dutch Bangla Bank.

  • DBBL Personal Loan
  • DBBL Car Loan
  • DBBL Home Loan

Loan Interest Rate

All of us know about interest in the banking sector. Every commercial bank gives interest to their customers based on a different rate. The interest rate of DBBL varies from 10% to 13% based on account types.

Dutch-Bangla Bank DPS

The Deposit system of Dutch Bangla Bank is given below. Check the Dutch Bangla Bank Deposit Plus Scheme (DPS) Monthly Payment and Benefit table from here. All the figures given here are in BDT.

EMI/Tenure 3 Year 5 Year 8 Year 10 Year
500 19,474 35,000 61,552 82,064
1,000 39,493 70,000 123,105 164,128
1,500 59,240 105,002 184,658 246,192
2,000 78,986 140,003 246,211 328,256
2,500 98,733 175,004 307,764 410,320
3,000 118,480 210,005 369,317 492,384
4,000 157,973 280,007 492,423 656,513
5,000 197,467 350,009 615,529 820,641
10,000 394,934 700,018 1,231,059 1,641,282
15,000 592,402 1,050,027 1,846,588 2,461,924
30,000 1,184,804 2,100,054 3,693,177 4,923,848
50,000 1,974,674 3,500,090 6,155,295 8,206,413

DBBL Fixed Deposit Receipt Rate

FDR is the short form of Fixed Deposit Receipt. The FDR rate is actually mean that the amount you will get back of the money you deposited on your account. The DBBL Fixed Deposit interest rate of FDR varies from 5% to 5.50% of the Dutch-Bangla Bank.

Other Service

Dutch Bangla Bank has some special services like other private banks. They have internet banking facilities, Debit, and Credit card service. They have also a service named NexasPay. You will control your account via your mobile through the app, NexasPay.

  • Internet Banking (2FA)
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Internet Payment Gateway
  • Rocket
  • Agent Banking
  • VIP Banking
  • NexusPay
  • SMS Alert Banking
  • Call Center
  • Data Center

Dutch-Bangla Bank Customer Care

If you want to contact the customer care of the DBBL, you have to call 16216 via your phone. You can also contact through E-mail.

  • Call at 16216 (Local) or +880 1841016216 (Overseas)
  • Email at [email protected] (Card Support) or [email protected] (Internet, SMS & Alert Banking Support) or visit any nearest Branch.

Dutch-Bangla Bank Branch

You will be surprised to know that Dutch Bangla Bank Limited has a total of 181 branches situated in 55 different districts in Bangladesh. The main branch of DBBL is situated in the Motijheel, Dhaka-1000. You will get the details about the Dutch-Bangla Bank Branch by visiting the link.

Dutch-Bangla Bank Branch

Dutch-Bangla Bank ATM

Try to guess how much ATM could possibly have DDBL? It’s not that so easy. Dutch-Bangla Bank has a total of 1273 ATM booths over 61 different districts in Bangladesh. If you are interested in details, you have to read another article.

Dutch Bangla Bank ATM

Dutch-Bangla Bank Routing

The routing number is a very special unique code of nine-digit, which is considered as an identification number of a bank. The routing number is generated with the combination of 3 digits bank code, 2 digits district code, 3 digits branch code, and at last 1 check digit. Dutch Bangla Bank has a total of 178 branch routing numbers over the 53 districts in Bangladesh.

Dutch-Bangla Bank Routing

Dutch-Bangla Bank SWIFT Code

Swift code is the bank’s identification code. SWIFT code of Dutch-Bangla Bank is DBBLBDDH. DBBLBDDH code is for internationally. It could be different for different branches. DBBLBDDH101 is for the local office. Check the link given below for all SWIFT codes of the different branches.

Dutch Bangla Bank SWIFT Code

Dutch-Bangla Bank Currency Rate

Do you want to know about the currency rate of DBBL? You will found here the Dutch-Bangla Bank currency exchange rate.


DBBL Contact

You can contact their office by the following.

Tel: (8802) 47110465, 47115155, 47114795
Ip phone: (880) -9612322100, (880) -9666322100
Fax: (8802) 9561889
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Website: www.dutchbanglabank.com

Telephone/Fax of the Head office and Division

Head office / Division Telephone No Fax
Head office (8802) 47110465, 47115155, 47114795 (8802) 9561889
IT Operation Division (8802) 9104831-8 (8802) 8191824
IT Development Division (880) 9612322100, (880) 9666322100 (8802) 9114772
IT Security Division (880) 9612322100, (880) 9666322100 (8802) 9114772
Cards Operation Division (8802)-9830096 (8802)-9830097
Personal Banking Division (8802) 7173813, 7172916, 7172892, 7169278 (8802) 9569948

Head Office

The head office of the Dutch Bangla Bank Limited is situated on Motijheel. Clearly, the location is 47 Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.