Citibank Branch Routing Numbers

Citibank is a multinational financial banking system in New York which was established in 1812. Despite it is a bank in New York, there are some branches of the bank in Bangladesh. There are almost 4 branches of the bank in Bangladesh. Three of the branches are situated in Dhaka and the other branch is situated in Chittagong. Here I came to share a special list where given all the branches routing numbers of the bank respectively. If you also find the list, please read the thesis from beginning to end advertently.

Citibank All Branch Routing Numbers In Bangladesh

First of all, you have to know about the routing number or its work or capability. Every bank account must have a secured code which is known as a routing number. It is a nine-digit code that is also given your check page at the bottom. In the numbers, there have a bank code, district code, branch code, and check code successively. I have given below the list of all the branch routing numbers of Citibank serially. So, follow the list and find out the quested number, which you need.

I am going to finishing the article. In the list of the article, I tried to present all the branch routing numbers of Citibank and I hope you got that. Thank you for remaining with me in a long run and visiting the site till the last.