Prime Bank Branch Routing Numbers

Prime Bank Limited is a private financial banking system in Bangladesh founded in 1995, headquarters in Dhaka. The bank has a lot of branches and their routing numbers. I came here to provide all the branch routing numbers of the bank in the list below. So, follow the list below if you are also interested in the information.

Prime Bank All Branch Routing Numbers

Routing numbers means a nine-digit number which is used to identify and specific institution. In the numbers, the first three digits are bank code, then 2 digits are district code, then again 3 digits are branch code, and the other is the check code. I have given here all the branch routing numbers of Prime Bank Limited with branch and zone. So to get the numbers to follow the list.

In the list, I tried to present all the branch routing numbers of Prime Bank Limited. I hope that the list may help you to find any routing number of the bank. If you need any more information, please leave a comment. Thank you for staying with me in a long run.