National Bank Branch Routing Numbers

National Bank is a privately owned commercial bank in Bangladesh which was established in 1983 headquarters in Dhaka. The bank has numerous branches and these’ routing numbers in all parts of Bangladesh. Today I will share with you a list that will help you to find any branch routing number of the bank. So, if you also need it, follow the article attentively.

National Bank All Branch Routing Numbers

There are a lot of branch routing numbers of the National Bank in all the divisions of Bangladesh. The routing number alludes to a nine-digit number which indicates the first three digits bank code, then two digits district code, then three digits branch code, and the final digit is the check code. So follow the list below to get the routing numbers.

I am going to finish the article now. In the list, I tried to provide all the correct information and I hope that you obtained the required routing number which you need. Besides, if you need any more information about the bank, please write a comment.