Mercantile Bank Branches In Sylhet District

Mercantile Bank Branches In Sylhet District

Are you finding for Mercantile Bank branches in the Sylhet district? If you are looking for the topic, then the post is compatible with you. The bank was founded in 1999, headquarters in Dhaka. The bank has a monumental role in the Bangladesh economy. However, for operating the bank activities, the bank opened many branches all over Bangladesh. I will discuss here only those branches of the bank situated in the Sylhet district.

Mercantile Bank Branches In Sylhet

Sylhet is a super urban area in Bangladesh. It is also a tourist place. In the Sylhet district, the bank opened a total of 3 branches, namely, the Beanibazar branch, the Subidhbazar branch, and the Sylhet branch. All the branches’ detailed information is given below. Please follow the article attentively to get the information if you need it.

Beanibazar Branch

  • Branch Name: Beanibazar Branch
  • Address: Zaman Plaza, Beanibazar, Sylhet
  • Telephone: 08223 56180 (Ext. 101), 017 13384495
  • Routing Number: 140910313
  • District: Sylhet

Subidbazar Branch

  • Branch Name: Subidbazar Branch
  • Address: Prantik 16, Holding No. 407, Sylhet-Sunamganj Road, Subidbazar, Sylhet
  • Telephone: 0821 728372, 017 13386896, 017 11156531
  • Routing Number: 140913499
  • District: Sylhet

Sylhet Branch

  • Branch Name: Sylhet Branch
  • Address: Raisot Tower, Laldighirpar, Sylhet
  • Telephone: 0821 723651, 723650 (Ext. 101), 017 11922810
  • Fax: 0821 723722
  • Routing Number: 140912508
  • District: Sylhet

After analyzing all the branches’ total information about Mercantile Bank in Sylhet district, I will finish the article now. In the article, I tried to add all the correct and more updated information. If you more information related to the topic, leave a comment in the comment section. Thank you for remaining with me in the long run.