Meghna Bank Branches In Barisal District

Are you looking for Meghna Bank branches in the Barishal district? If you are, then the post is suitable for you. In many private commercial banks in Bangladesh, Meghna Bank is one of them. It was founded in 2013, headquarters in Dhaka. The bank franked many branches all over Bangladesh. But I will present here only that branch’s manifest information which situated in the Barishal district.

Meghna Bank Branches In Barisal District

Barishal, which is the super commercial area in Bangladesh. Megna Bank Limited opened only one branch in the Barishal district which is not enough for the district. However, the name of the branch is the Barishal branch. To know the detailed information about the branch, then please follow the text below.

Barisal Branch

  • Branch Name: Barisal Branch
  • Address: Barisal lslamla Urban Samabaya Samity Limited, 116 Sadar Road, Barisal
  • Telephone: 018 33328971, 017 77797814
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • District: Barisal

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