Islami Bank ATM Booth List In Barishal

Islami Bank is one of the casual privately owned financial-services banking systems in Bangladesh. In all parts of Bangladesh, the bank untied a lot of branches and ATM Booths. I will discuss the ATM Booths of the bank In the division of Barishal with the list below. If you also interested in it, please follow the thesis attentively until the end.

Islami Bank All ATM In Barishal

Barishal is known as the granary center of Bangladesh. It is also a major financial area in Bangladesh. For this reason, Islami Bank franked many branches and ATM Booths in the Barishal division. There are almost 12 ATM Booths of the bank in the part of Barishal. To get the information, please follow the list which I gave below.

City ATM Location
Bakergonj ATM Holding no. 02, Sadar Road, Bakergonj, Barisal
Barisal City ATM 121/132, Bogra Road, Barisal Sadar
Barisal Barisal City ATM An-Nur Bhaban, Banglabazar Road, Alekanda, Barisal
Barisal Barisal City ATM Happy Nibas, Hospital Road, Barisal
Barisal Barisal City ATM Holding No. 497, Noor Plaza, B.M. College Road, Natun Bazar, Barisal
Barisal Barisal City ATM Jamia Islamia Mahmudia Madrasha, Amanatgonj, Barisal
Barisal Barisal City ATM Sagordi Jame Mosque, Sogordi Market, Barisal
Barisal Barisal City ATM Seven S Tower, Chandmari Kheya Ghat Sarak, Chandmari, Barisal
Barisal Hatkhola ATM Sikder Monzil, Holding No.762/763,362, Chawkbazar Road, Ward no.09, Kotwali, Barisal
Barisal Hatkhola ATM Vatikhana Mour, Chawkbazar, Hatkhola, Barisal
Barisal Torki Bondor ATM Torki Bondar, Adarsha Jame Mosjid Market, Gournadi, Barisal
Barisal Wazirpur ATM Branch premises at Shikder Bhaban Holding no. 56, Ward no. 05, Shikder Market Road, Wazirpur, Barishal

I hope that you got all the ATM Booths’ information on the part of Barishal from the thesis. I tried to provide here all the correct information. Besides, if you want to know more information about the bank, just scribe a comment, please. Thank you.