Dhaka Bank- A Private Commercial Bank In Bangladesh

Dhaka Bank is a privately owned financial-services banking system in Bangladesh that was established on 5 July 1995. Mirza Abbas is the founder of the bank. The bank established for the growth and development of the country. The headquarters of the bank is 71, Purana Paltan Lane, Dhaka. The chairman of the bank is Abdul Hai Sarkar. At present, the bank has almost 100 branches in all parts of Bangladesh. There are given all the elaborate information about the bank in the article successively. If you interested in it, follow the article attentively till the last.

Dhaka Bank Information

Dhaka Bank was included as a Private Limited organization on April 6, 1995. The company initiated banking activities on July 5, 1995. From the very year of its prominence procession, Dhaka Bank has intended and fetched into focus the reversion and history of Dhaka and Bangladesh from the Mughal period. Most of its allowance, publications, brand implantation, distribution channels, ephemeris, and economical exposition bear the Bank’s assurance to this attachment. The Bank is broadly avowed today for its anomalous service, ingenuousness, vicinity, and cutting-edge way of delivery.

Registered Name: Dhaka Bank Limited
Founded: 1995
Type: Private Bank (Commercial)
Country: Bangladesh
Code: 085


I have collected and presented here all the contact numbers of the bank such as telephone, fax, e-mail, etc. To collect the information, please continue following the article.

Telephone: +8802 5831 4424 (Hunting number), +8802 5831 4425-31, 5831 4624-8
Fax: +8802 5831 4419
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Website: dhakabankltd.com

Head Office

71, Purana Paltan Lane, Dhaka

Account Opening Details

I have provided account opening details here. If you are interested to open an account with the bank, you have to show some identification documents such as a national ID card, currently valid passport, Birth certificate, etc. To know more details read the following article carefully.

Identification Document

  1. National ID Card
  2. Current valid Passport
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Diving Licence

Local Currency Accounts

  • Current Account
  • Savings Account
  • Bundle Savings Account
  • Joma Savings Account

Loans System

Sometimes, people want to know detailed information about the loan system of the bank in many ways. I have gathered all the loan products of the bank to offers to its customers such as personal loans, car loans, etc. To know more information, please follow the article carefully.

  • Personal Loan
  • Car Loan
  • Home Loan

Loan Interest Rate

The interest rate varies from 10.50% to 13%

Dhaka Bank DPS

Dhaka Bank operates its deposits system through many channels such as Shukti, Mudaraba FD Plus, Deposit Pension Scheme, Kotipoti deposit plan, etc. If you want to get more details about it, following the article, please.

  • Shukti
  • Current Deposit (SME)
  • FD Plus (SME)
  • Mudaraba FD Plus (SME)
  • Deposit Pension Scheme
  • Special Deposit Scheme
  • Deposit Double Scheme
  • Savings Builder Account
  • Kotipoti Deposit Plan
  • Lakhopoti Deposit Scheme

Dhaka Bank FDR Rate

The interest rate is 6.00%

Other Service

Dhaka Bank also provides other services in spite of its main services. They provide many other services such as credit card, debit card, locker services, etc. If you are interested in the other services of the bank, then follow the article to know more details about its other services.

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Locker Services
  • Aspire Card

Dhaka Bank Customer Care

  • Call at 16474 or +8809678016474 (Overseas)
  • Email at [email protected] or visit any nearest Branch.

Dhaka Bank Branch

Dhaka Bank is a leading commercial and financial services banking system in Bangladesh. So the bank operates its provide system with many networks in Bangladesh. The bank has almost 100 branches in all parts of Bangladesh. To know all the branches’ names, locations, and other information click here.

Dhaka Bank ATM

In addition to its branches, Dhaka Bank also untied many ATM Booths all over Bangladesh. There are a total of 30 ATM Booths of the bank in Bangladesh. To know the ATM’s detailed information of the bank click here.

Dhaka Bank Routing

Routing number indicates a nine-digit number that is used to get details information about the bank or its branches. There are many branch routing numbers of the bank in different places in Bangladesh. To know more details about its routing number click here.

Dhaka Bank Swift Code

SWIFT code is known as a security number that contributes an important role in bank transactions. The number arranged with different 11 letters and digits. Dhaka Bank SWIFT Code is DHBLBDDH. To collect all the branch SWIFT code of the bank click here.

Dhaka Bank Currency Rate

You found here Dhaka Bank Currency Exchange Rate

USD 83.95 84.95
GBP 96.1647 100.2835
EURO 89.2305 93.7763
It is the article where are given all the correct detailed information about Dhaka Bank Limited. In the article, I tried my best to present here all the correct information gathered from a valid source. I hope that you read the article from beginning to end and collected your quested information. Moreover, if you want to know any more information about any bank, then visit another site or scribe a comment, please. Stay linked with us to get any updated information. Thank you for visiting the site in a long run.