BRAC Bank Branches In Satkhira District

BRAC Bank is a privately owned commercial and financial banking system in Bangladesh. It contributes a significant role in enhancing the development of the country. In all the districts of Bangladesh, the bank has almost 142 branches. Today I will share with you such a thesis where you will get that branch’s manifest information of the bank situated in the Satkhira district. Please continue reading to get the branch’s information.

BRAC Bank Branches In Satkhira District

Satkhira is a part of the Khulna division. It is one of the leading commercial districts in Bangladesh. BRAC Bank Limited untied only one branch in the Satkhira district. The name of the branch is the Satkhira Branch. I have already presented the branch’s location, contact number, and other information at a glance. Follow the text below to get the information, please.

Satkhira Branch

  • Branch Name: Satkhira Branch
  • Address: Tufan Complex, Holding 01, Polashpole, Satkhira
  • Telephone: 0471 4509, 4515
  • Routing Number: 060871095
  • District: Satkhira

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