BRAC Bank ATM Booths In Barisal District

BRAC Bank is a private sector casual commercial banking system in Bangladesh. It plays a significant role in the country. For operates its activities easily, the bank opened almost 142 branches and a total of 457 ATM Booths in all parts of Bangladesh. Now I am going to present here the ATM Booths of the bank which is situated in the Barishal district. If you also looking for the information, then follow the text below attentively.

BRAC Bank ATM Booths In Barisal District

Barishal is known as the granary center of Bangladesh. It is a major financial center in Bangladesh. In the Barishsal district, there has only one ATM Booth of BRAC Bank Limited. The name of the ATM Booth is the Barishal ATM Booth. I have already presented here the ATM Booth’s elaborate information below. Please continue following the article.

Barisal ATM Booth

  • Booth Name: Barisal ATM Booth
  • Address: S Rahman Market, 79 Sadar Road, Barisal
  • Booth Area: Sadar Road
  • District: Barisal

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