Bank Asia All Information

In many private sector commercial banking systems in Bangladesh, Bank Asia is One of them. It was founded in 1999. The headquarters of the bank in Dhaka. The chairman of the bank is A Rouf Chowdhury and the managing director of the bank is Md. Arfan Ali. The bank started its operation in 1999. I have given below all the detailed information about the bank. If you want to know the information, please follow the article attentively until the end.

Bank Asia Information

Bank Asia is the only Bank in Bangladesh to obtain the Bangladesh process of 2 extraneous. They are the Muslim Commercial Bank which is situated in Pakistan and the Bank of Nova Scotia which is situated in Canada.

At present, Bank Asia importantly stands among the head-rated banks of Bangladesh with a comprehensive network of merchandise vent comprising of traditional banking branches, Islamic networks, intermediation branches, predial branches, and SME centers. As part of the bank’s assurance to running all the modern and value-added banking services in keeping with the best extended in the modern world.

Registered Name: Bank Asia Limited
Founded: 1999

Type: Private Bank (Commercial)
Country: Bangladesh
Code: 070


To contact the bank I have given all the contact numbers below such as telephone, fax, e-mail, and website. The detailed information is here. To collect the information, follow the article.

Telephone: +880 2 7110042, 7110062, 7110147
Fax: +880 2 7175524
E-mail Address: [email protected]

Head Office

Rangs Tower, 68 Purana Paltan, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh

Required Documents to Open Account

There are various kinds of the system to open an account with Bank Asia. For example the type of individual, limited company, partnership enterprise, and proprietorship enterprise. To open an account you have to show some identification documents. There are given all types of identification’s detailed information. To know the information, follow the article.

For individual:

  • Photocopy of National ID Card/ Passport/ Chairman Certificate
  • Two copies of passport size recent photograph of account holder duly attested by the introducer.
  • Photograph and signature of the nominee(s), if any, duly attested by the account holder.
  • A/C Opening Form duly filled in.
  • Specimen Signature Card duly signed in presence of the Manager or Authorized Officer.
  • Any other document required by the Bank from time to time.

For Limited Company:

  • A certified true copy of memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • A certified true copy of Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Certified copy of Certificate of Commencement of Business(for Public Limited Company)
  • Copy of the Resolution of the Board of Directors decided to open an account with the Bank Asia
  • Limited and authoring specimen signatories for the operation of the Account duly attested by the
  • Chairperson/Managing Director.
  • Trade License
  • TIN certificate.

For Partnership Enterprise:

  • Trade License
  • TIN certificate.
  • Certified copy of the constitution of the firm.
  • Registered partnership deed /duly notarized partnership deed at will (in case of unregistered firm).
  • Minutes of the Committee meeting decided to open an account with Bank Asia Limited duly certified by the secretary and the chairperson.
  • Copy of laws and by-laws /constitution duly attested by proper authority.
  • A copy of the resolution of the committee authorizing specific signatories to operate the account.
  • Certificate of Registration (where applicable).

For Proprietorship Enterprise:

  • Trade License
  • TIN Certificate.


There are many types of loan products from the bank. For example, agricultural and rural credit, a term loan to industries, working capital to industries, and others. There are given all types of loan product information below. To get the information, please read the following article.

  • Agricultural & Rural Credit
  • Term Loan to Industries
  • Working Capital to Industries
  • Lease Finance to Industries
  • Trade Finance for Rice, Wheat, Edible Oil, Pulse, Peas, Onion, Dates & Sugar
  • Other Trade Finance
  • Export Credit
  • Other Commercial Lending
  • Housing -Commercial
  • Consumer Credit:
    a) Unsecured Personal Loan
    b) Consumer Durable Loan
    c) Auto Loan
    d) Home Loan
    e) Loan to Professional
    f) Senior Citizen Support
  • Short Term Credit to corporate
  • Other Medium & Long Term to corporate
  • Loans to Non-Banking Financial Institution

Loan Interest Rate

The rate of interest is 9% to 13%.

Bank Asia DPS

Bank Asia only bank which provides the best deposit services to customers. They operate many types of deposit systems. They operate almost 24 types of deposits. The main deposit channel of the bank is the Mudaraba term deposit accounts. To know more details, follow the article attentively.

01.Mudaraba Savings Account (MSA)
02.Mudaraba Corporate Privileged Savings Account (MCPSA)
03.Mudaraba Special Notice Deposit Account (MSNDA)
04.Smart Junior Saver (School Banking Account)
05.Mudaraba Term Deposit Accounts
06.Mudaraba Term Deposit Accounts
07.Mudaraba Term Deposit Accounts
08.Mudaraba Term Deposit Accounts
09.Mudaraba Term Deposit Accounts
10.Mudaraba Term Deposit Accounts (Tk. 5 Crore and above)
11.Mudaraba Term Deposit Accounts ( Below Tk. 1 Crore)
12.Mudaraba Term Deposit Accounts (Tk. 1 Crore and above)
13.Mudaraba Term Deposit Accounts ( Below Tk. 1 Crore)
14.Mudaraba Term Deposit Accounts (Tk. 1 Crore and above)
15.Corporate Term Deposit [Institutional deposit only] (Tk. 1 Crore and above)
16.Corporate Term Deposit [Institutional deposit only] (Tk. 1 Crore and above but below Tk.5 crore)
17.Corporate Term Deposit [Institutional deposit only] (Tk. 5 Crore and above )
18.Corporate Term Deposit [Institutional deposit only] (Tk. 1 Crore and above)
19.Mudaraba Hajj Savings Scheme(MHSS)
20.Mudaraba Deposit Pension Scheme(MDPS)
21.Mudaraba Monthly Profit Paying Deposit Scheme (MMPPDS)
22.Mudaraba Monthly Profit Paying Deposit Scheme (MMPPDS)
23.Mudaraba Monthly Profit Paying Deposit Scheme (MMPPDS)
24.Cash Waqf

Bank Asia FDR Rate

The interest rate of 6.00%

Bank Asia Customer Care

  • Call at 16205 or +880 96170 16205 (Worldwide)
  • Email at [email protected] or visit any nearest Branch.

Bank Asia Branch

Bank Asia is one of the largest financial banking systems in Bangladesh which operates its activities with many networks. The bank has a total of 90 branches in Bangladesh. The branches are situated in all the divisions of Bangladesh. To know the branches’ detailed information click here.

Bank Asia ATM

In addition, the branches, Bank Asia also franked a lot of ATM Booths in Bangladesh. The bank untied more than 110 ATM Booths in all the parts of Bangladesh. If you want to know more details about the ATM Booths of the bank click here.

Bank Asia Routing

Every bank branch has a routing number. A routing number means such a security number that is garnished with a combination of various kinds of nine-digit numbers. The number plays a significant role in the bank transaction. To know all the Routing numbers of the bank click here.

Bank Asia Code

Each bank branch has a SWIFT code which is also known as a security code. The code is draped with different 11 letters and may have also three digits. Bank Asia SWIFT Code is BALBBDDH. If you want to collect all types of SWIFT code of the bank click here.

Bank Asia Currency Rate

You found here Bank Asia Currency Exchange Rate.

USD 85.25 87.25
GBP 104.17 115.45
EURO 92.62 102.68

I came into the ultimate part of the article. I have discussed Bank Asia for a long. The bank provides the best opportunity-advantage for the customers. I hope that you found all the information about the bank from the article. The information which I gave collected from a valid source. Besides, in the article, if you found any mistakes, please inform me by comment. Moreover, if you need any more information, just scribe a comment. Thank you.