Bangladesh Development Bank Branches In Chittagong Districts

Are you looking for Bangladesh Development Bank Branches in the Chittagong district? If you are looking for it, then the article is suitable for you. Bangladesh Development Bank is one of the state-owned casual commercial banking systems in Bangladesh. For operates the bank activities, it untied almost 46 branches all over Bangladesh. I will share with you those branches’ detailed information situated in the Chittagong district.

Bangladesh Development Bank Branches In Chittagong Districts

Chittagong, which is known as the second capital of Bangladesh. In the Chittagong district, Bangladesh Development Bank opened two branches, namely the Agrabad Branch and Khatunganj Branch. I have already presented here those branches’ detailed information below. To get the branches’ information, follow the text below.

Agrabad Branch

  • Branch Name: Agrabad Branch
  • Address: BDBL Bhaban, 106 Agrabad, C/A, Chittagong
  • Telephone: 031 716178, 724162
  • Branch Code: 196
  • Routing Number: 047151967
  • District: Chittagong

Khatunganj Branch

  • Branch Name: Khatunganj Branch
  • Address: 6 Ramjoy Mahajan Lane, Asadgang, Khatungang, Chittagong
  • Telephone: 031 618547
  • Branch Code: 427
  • Routing Number: 047154272
  • District: Chittagong

Bangladesh Development Bank untied a total of 46 branches whose two of them in the Chittagong district. Did you get the bank’s information in the part of the Chittagong district from the article? I hope that you got it. If you think that you will need more information about the topic, please scribe a comment.