AB Bank Branch In Satkhira District

Here are discussed AB Bank Branch in Satkhira district. If you are also looking for the information, then the article is suitable for you. AB Bank was formerly known as Arab Bangladesh Bank. It is the first private bank in Bangladesh, situated in 1982, headquarters in Dhaka. The bank has many branches all over Bangladesh. But I will discuss only that branch’s elaborate information of the bank situated in the Satkhira district.

AB Bank Branch In Satkhira District

Satkhira is a major urban area which is situated in the Khulna division. In the Satkhira district, there is only one branch of AB Bank. The name of the branch is Satkhira Branch. I have collected the branch’s total information and presented it below. To collect the information, follow the article below.

Satkhira Branch

  • Branch Name: Satkhira Branch
  • Address: 884/810 Abul Kashem Road, Satkhira
  • Telephone: 0471 63277, 62215
  • Fax: 0471 63665
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Mnemonic: STKR
  • Branch Code: 4212
  • Routing Number: 020871093
  • District: Satkhira
  • Date of Opening: 10 March 1986

Did you get the branch’s information of AB Bank in the Satkhira district? I hope that you got it. I hope that the article is beneficial for you. In addition to the information, if you need any more information about the bank or any other bank, then visit our other pages or leave a comment. Thank you.