IFIC Bank Branch Routing Numbers

International Finance Investment and Commerce (IFIC) Bank Limited is a private commercial bank in Bangladesh. The bank has a lot of branches and ATM Booths in all over Bangladesh. But, I am going to provide here only all the branches routing numbers of the bank with the list below. If you are devoted to it, please follow the article attentively to last.

IFIC Bank All Branch Routing Numbers In Bangladesh

The routing number indicates a nine-digit number that is used to secure. In the numbers, there has bank code, district code, branch code, and check code serially. There are a lot of branch routing numbers of IFIC Bank in all the parts of Bangladesh. The numbers are given in the list below respectively. So follow the table and collect the number which you need.

I presented here all the routing numbers of the bank successively with branch names and zones. I tried to provide here all the correct information. In addition, if you need any more information, please just leave a comment.